reclaim your body through self-care

Welcome to The Thrive​ Tribe

I believe you. 

If you never heard those words before, trust me when I say, I believe you.

You are not alone. I was scared to speak up too.

Your voice has power. Despite the silent hours.

You want to be free. Join the tribe & thrive with me.

The Power of Your Voice is a safe space for survivors of sexual violence to reclaim their body through self-care. 

Break barriers | Reclaim your body | Liberate your soul

About The Power of Your Voice

Sexual violence is an intimate violation of one’s sacred space. Unfortunately, the wound created by a perpetrator needs to be healed by the survivor. Healing is an ongoing, evolutionary process that starts with awareness of worthiness from within. Healing after experiencing sexual trauma creates vulnerability with self and loved ones, supports with recognizing worthiness to live a fruitful lifestyle and the process reduces symptoms deriving from the traumatic experience. The Power of Your Voice LLC is in place to guide survivors along their healing journey and provide resources for additional support needed on the journey. The Power of Your Voice LLC also seeks to educate the public on the last effects of sexual trauma as well as the important of consent to normalize the conversation around liberation being possible after experiencing sexual violence.

The Power of Your Voice LLC supports survivors of sexual violence to reclaim their body through self-care. The avenues of self-care include utilizing essential oils, journaling, mindfulness, and encouraging self-care Sundays to prioritize and cater to self. Additionally, The Power of Your Voice hosts annual live performances to promote sexual liberation after sexual violence. As a survivor turned warrior of sexual violence myself, on my own healing journey I noticed a discrepancy in the services available post-trauma for BIPOC individuals to find liberation. The Power of Your Voice’s mission is to close that gap.