As a survivor of sexual assault, Emily Maya was determined to create a safe space for fellow warriors to heal and discover sexual liberation. On her ongoing healing journey, she found that using her voice was her power. Her voice became clear through various, radical ways including poetry, yoga, dance, coloring and simply having discussions with others about her

journey after sexual violence.


By choosing herself and breaking barriers, 

Emily Maya became clear that this was her calling.

After going through the various ups and downs years following her assault, Emily Maya developed a unique, personal approach to advocating against sexual violence and embodying sexual liberation. 

Coming from a place of love, understanding and experience, Emily Maya appreciates the process of growing out of the victim mindset and owning that she is a triumphant warrior. She also desires to provide a safe space for fellow warriors to truly experience sexual liberation.

Emily believes trauma doesn’t stop you from 

owning your sexy and reclaiming your body.

Emily Maya was featured on as part of the #SurvivorLoveLetter Project where she read a love letter she wrote to survivors around the world. She was also a guest speaker at the Crisis Text Line to discuss various ways to support survivors that text the hotline. Additionally, annually she is a guest speaker survivor at the Mount Sinai Sexual Assault & Violence Intervention Program (SAVI) Advocates Training Program. 

These are just a few opportunities that became the beaming light through a dark, traumatic occurrence.

Expect compassionate and inspiring, yet bold words to be said by Emily Maya to allow others to freely be themselves around her. She’s not afraid to share her truth regardless of what others may think. In years to come, you’ll see her as a Clinical Sexologist, Author, Yoga Instructor, and more. 

Stay tuned, she’s always working!

Emily Maya is a risk-taking, powerful, urgent leader ready to heal and liberate sexual violence warriors.