When it comes to healing, embracing self-love is a HUGE stepping stone. 

Believe that you deserve love from yourself and  reclaim that beautiful body of yours. 

There's only one YOU so choose to honor YOU.

Here are some tips to love up on yo'self

Nobody is perfect so give yourself grace as you proceed


Are your thoughts ever loud and unsettling? Or you just had along day

and not sure how to unwind? Try mediating! Even if it’s just for 10 minutes.

Meditation is a perfect way to recharge your batteries, relax your mind,

and set your conscious free. Exhale the bullshit.


You deserve to feel beautiful inside AND out! Therefore, pamper thyself! ^_^ 

Self-indulgence is a beautiful and powerful thing!

This can include doing a mask, starting a daily skincare regimen, getting your nails and hair done, getting a massage, take yourself on a date, enjoy healthy, satisfying food and even doing a little makeup.

Feel good from the inside out. Pour into yourself.


Part of loving yourself also includes health and wellness. Get up and get active! 

Walk a bit further than usual, ride a bike, go swimming, take a pole dancing class, 

do some yoga, start a new workout or healthy eating regimen.

Dedicate yourself to adding a fruit a day to your diet and a daily activity to

get those bones movin' n groovin'.


​Put your pen to paper and release all of your inner thoughts, emotions, fears,

woes, joys, dreams, desires, hopes, daily escapades and all that is sitting on your heart. 

Writing is always a great way of manifesting the dope desires you have in life. 

Affirm yourself and watch as you blossom.


Ahhhhh. Don't we all love a delicious, sultry release?

 Get to know your body and please yourself. 

Light some candles. Diffuse some lavender and orange to awaken those aphrodisiac senses. 

Play your favorite seductive Spotify playlist. Get a towel. 

Grab your favorite toy or use those blessed hands. 


Discover your desires, wants, and reclaim you as you let loose & explore your body.