reclaim your body through self-care

What is Self-Care Anyways?

Self-care is a practice.

A practice of prioritizing your needs, wants and deepest desires unapologetically.

You deserve to actively play a role in protecting your peace, well-being, and joy.

Self-care is how you restore your power.

Self-care reminds you who you are.

Self-care sets you free.

But uhh...HOW do I take care of myself?

With grace! The Power of Your Voice has some lovely suggestions on how to pour into yourself. Stay tuned for opportunities us to pour into you.


When we hear "meditation," most people think of sitting in one place, cross-legged in silence while deep breathing. While that may be one way to do it, there are so many other ways. The point of meditation is to silence your mind and seek inner peace. Think about what brings you peace and focus intently on that. Maybe it's dancing, painting, yoga, coloring, or even cleaning. You can meditate while doing anything!


Imagine how amazing it feels to watch yourself glow from the inside and radiate outwards. You deserve to feel beautiful inside and out! Pampering yourself can include doing a mask, starting a daily skincare regimen, getting your nails and hair done, getting a massage, take yourself on a date, enjoy healthy, satisfying food and even doing a little makeup.


Get up and get active!

Walk a bit further than usual, ride a bike, go swimming, dance like nobody's watching, do some yoga, start a new workout routine or healthy eating regimen. Dedicate yourself to adding a fruit a day to your diet and a daily activity to get those bones movin' n groovin'.


Aromas are a beautiful way to stimulate the mind and feed the soul. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to a diffuser and simply allow yourself to be. Aromatherapy can assist with stress relief and ultimate relaxation.

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Put your pen to paper and release all of your inner thoughts, emotions, fears, woes, joys, dreams, desires, hopes, daily escapades and all that is sitting on your heart. Writing is always a great way of manifesting all of the desires you

have in life. Affirm yourself and watch as you blossom.